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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Princess Team is growing...

Thanks so very much to the following team members that will be joing our whole family:



Weley and Leigh Graham and all 3 of their teenagers
Stacy Kotila and both of her kids
Lisa and David Clontz and thier daughter
Giovanna's teacher and her Aide: Mrs. Johnson and Mrs Siri
Grace Williams
Gabby's teacher Mrs Smith

So far that is 22 team members!!! This is the largest team we have had thus far....

I am so honored to be the Momma to these girls....When I gave birth to our twins 19 yrs ago, I had No idea I would ever have anymore children. I ended up having cancer at 29 and having to have a my dream of a large family....died...little did I know my God had a greater plan for us, and if I had never have gone through the pain and lonliness I did at 29, our future daughters would have never come to us!! My heavenly Father is just so awesome! He has shown us so much in our faith, in our family and our marriage in the last 5 yrs....

In the last 5yrs we have added to our family 4 beautiful little God sent angels. We never thought our family could or would ever adopt. We wanted too, but it just never seem to happen, until that one mission trip with our church to Guatemala.....that is when God revealed His plan to us....and there my dream to have more children....started to come real. So as I type this, my prayer is this: I hope someone out there is reading this that needs to know...God does have a plan for you....I recall the night that God had a come sit down chat with me in the middle of the night, on the end of my bed...I woke up and to my excitement, I totally seen my God sitting right at my feet....He is beautiful!!! All He said to me was this "Sit back my child, continue to be faithful and I will give you all the desires of your heart!!!" and there it is my friend...He is carring through with His promise...He is giving me all the desire's of my heart....a loving husband, 2 awesome young adult children, 4 little angels that never cease to amaze me, health and a ton of happiness!!!! He will deliver it to you too...just you wait and see!!!!

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