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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr's visit

Well yesterday I had to take all 4 girls to the Dr's....No, I wasnt brave to do it alone, William was a big help keeping them happy while I talked to the Dr with each different child on the table. Come to find out, Gabby, Giovanna and Bella have sinus infections and ear infections...and Lily is now on allergy med's. I come home with half the pharmacy I do believe...

My brown bag contained: 6 bottles (yes you read that right) of antibiotics, 4 bottles of zyrtec, 1 bottle of singular, 1 box of albuteral for the nebulizer, 1 box of inhalers, 6 syringes and 6 medicine cups and a large bulb syringe so i can start trying to loosen the wax deep in their ears....

My girls with DS have the worse case of wax DEEP in their has always been this way, and I just dont know how to prevent it. Anyone out there with any tips for slowing down the wax build up (YES, we are always cleaning out their ears with the pediatric qtips) OR a way to prevent it from happening??

I am waiting the results from Lily's blood work...I hate waiting! The tested her for diabities because she is constantly going to the bathroom, will eat anytime and all of it all the time, and will go potty like every 20 we will see what happens... I have no experience with this.... anyone out there that does?? What are the signs I should look for?

I had to go to the Dr's to have 2 skin tags removed, I was so scared!! They are gone now and it wasnt that bad.... I do not like needles!!! The medicine is wearing off now, so it is starting to burn.....oh the fun of Dr's!!

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June Berger said...

Is Lily drinking a lot? Has she had a weight gain or loss? Has she had mood changes? My son was 11 when he was diagnoses with DM. Praying hers comes back negative.

Meredith said... She's a good friend of mine and her daughter has Ds and childhood diabetes. I'll let her know I sent you her way- especially if your daughter is diagnosed she'd be a great resource!

Nadia said...

we have the same pee/food things going on with our almost 5 yo from haiti..he literally can pee 6 times in an hour..we've tried everything..more water to flush his system..limit his water to sips. limit it before bed etc..he's also been tested and nothing showed who knows!! I'm starting to think it's a control thing.

about the wax..we use hydrogen peroxide..put a few drops into the ear..wait until it startes foaming and bubbling (that's the wax melting) when that stops clean the gunk really helps..with it being bad for your it a few times over a couple of weeks. then about once a month or so.