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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buddy walk

We had our Down Syndrome Buddy walk on Saturday at the Montgomery zoo and had a blast. The girls were so good. Most of our team members showed up.. This year we had a sign made...and it was a huge hit with all 4 girls. Lily was our team captain, so her picture is alittle smaller on the banner(totally an after thought, because she doesnt understand why all her 3 sisters, close in age to her are on the banner and not her....they all have DS and she doesnt understand that part, because we make such a huge deal out of them all being the same, but a little different) so she became our team captain and had a few jobs to handle at the handing out our crown pins and making sure we all were accounted for and dresses straight before picture!
We had our online friends from our Reece's rainbow group also at the zoo. Shelley and her family joined our team and Amanda and her husband formed a team for their new son they hope to adopt Ean. I love this time of year...when we get to meet and see friends from all over the south east part of AL for our Buddy walk. We meet new friends each year. This year Sock Monkey Ministries was at our Buddy walk and gave every individual person there with DS a beautiful sock monkey. Our girls love theirs! Thanks so much Sock monkey ministries!!!!!

4 nice people had this to say:

Stacy said...

Can I get a copy of the group photo and the one of me and the kids??

Fran Taylor said...

Hello Mrs. Andrews this is Fran Taylor. I left a comment on yu=our page a few weeks ago... Im sorry I have not gotten to email you but something have come up... If you get a chance you can read my new blog I havent been on in some time... And if you read it you will understand why... You have very beautiful children and are very loved by many you are very blessed! Have a Great night...


Anonymous said...

Lily's little photo at the bottom looks adorable!
Good thinking, mom!

William Michael said...

They look like they had a awesome time!

See you soon!