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Friday, October 3, 2008

Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch

Friday Lily's class went to the Pumpkin patch in Clanton and we had a great time. This was really the first time out for just her and I. We went on a hay ride to the pumpkin field and picked 2 pumpkins, rode on the tractor train, rode a pony, fed animals at the petting area, and she loved the inflatable play area. She talked me into going down the 50 ft that thing goes super fast. We then had a nice little picnic and ate ice cream. She kept saying" Im so happy I have a family now and my mommy took me to the Punkin Patch!" so darn cute!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Her outfit turned out so cute...Thursday night I went over to Leigh's and we did some sewing, and I made this outfit.....Leigh did the pants because the top was taking me awhile...thanks LEIGH!! I wanted the outfit done so she could wear it for this fun field trip day.....

2 nice people had this to say:

Collin and Amanda said...

I love the photos! What a great day for Lily!

The pumpkin patch sounds like the place Wesley's class is going to on their field trip. :)


Jenny said...

Don't you LOVE the pumpkin patch? We go every year as a family and the boys love it!