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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


     Last night I braved the craziness and took all 4 girls downtown Prattville to the city candy walk. The girls loved it! We seen several of our friends from preschool and seen alot of cute and SCARY costumes!  Gabby and Lily liked dressing up as well as Giovanna and Isabella. Last year Gabby and Lily had only been home a few months and dressing up, walking around town and getting candy was new for them. I have to say Gabby really got the hang of holding her bag out and wanting it to be filled.  Its so funny watching her!

Today, both of their schools had their parties and little activities, so I will post pictures later tomorrow of all the girls.

Tonight, William will come home and we will take the girls around trick n treating and possibly to the church for our festival. This time of year is alot of tun with the kids. I remember when Lyndsey and Michael were little...they both loved to dress up and go out! 

Lyndsey come home this weekend so she could go to the Dr's. Her and several of her friends are dressing up to hand out candy at Amanda's house... 
 MIKE we wish you were home buddy!

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Mike said...

i wish i was too. One more week.