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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Halloween evening in URGENT CARE!

Last night around 4:30, while I was finishing up Giovanna's Tutu, Lyndsey was playing with the girls. They were so excited to have her home and even more excited I think to get their costume's on and head out to Trick n Treat!!!! Giovanna was playing on the ottoman and fell off backwards and hit her ear on the wood of the bay window....and POW! She busted her ear open and busted a blood vessel or something because it swelled up so big (like the boxer's ears when they get hit)! Scared me to death!!! I come running downstairs to get her and whew I was trying to not to panic! William hadn't made it home yet. I gave her Motrin and put a cold rag and ice on it and held her still. Once William got home I called the after hours Dr at the base and they said to take her in to the urgent care after hours clinic. LUCKILY for us it wasn't all that crowded....maybe 4 people in front of us. They cleaned off the blood, put some cream on it, gave us a prescription for antibiotics and some cream and sent us home. We were back home by 8pm. They told me to watch it and if it was to build up more blood to bring her back right away... I was so nervous!!!

THEN the Dr that we were seeing made me cry (after he walked out of the room!) He was an Indan Dr, very soften, kind but totally NO bed side manners! After he looked at Giovanna (from afar- he just looked and never touched her) and started to walk out the room, he turned around and pulled the door back closed....HHMMM....I was wondering what was going on....he then said to me "Does she have any other medical problems?" Well no not from her ear, she the busted ear, I said. Now my brain wheels are turning....what is he talking about....He starts to studder and was like, No I mean any thing else wrong with her....WELL NO I said, Just her busted ear...Still you could tell his question wasnt answered....puzzled he asks yet a third time....I then am like "Oh you mean her having Down Syndrome?" I did not think that was a chronic medical problem... "Yes, she has Down Syndrome and yes she has had open heart surgery and a few other surgeries but I assure you, she is fine!" He is still standing there with this puzzled look on his face because he sees clearly on her chart that she is adopted. He watches Giovanna sitting on the table looking at a magazine, and he looks right at me and says "Well, Intelectually, is she ok?" Well HEck yes she is OK! "Does she talk?" In my head Im thinking NO she grunts! I say to him, YES she talks, she loves school and plays alot! He is still staring at us both with this puzzled look...and says kinda quietly, Well where I come from (it is obvious INDIA) kids like her dont do anything, talk, walk, and you dont see them out and about like your daughter!!!! GUYS- I am just about to die! I wanted to be the strong advocate for my daughter and let the world (the DR) see that she can do everything any other child can do just gotta give her a chance....BUT inside the tears were forming!!!!

I want so badly to jump on a plane and go to INDIA to bring home V and I know she will be aging out of her baby orphanage by next Oct IF NOT SOONER, and will be sent away....AWAY where no one ever will see her, where no one can finally welcome her in to their family!!!!! PLEASE stand in prayer with me....pray that the Lord will bring her FOREVER FAMILY (I still pray it is ours!) quickly.....please help sponsor children just like her all over the world that NEED and deserve to be a child just like my Giovanna (and Bella and Gabby) Please, give them a chance to live....a chance to grow... a chance to feel the love that only a mommy and daddy can give....give them a chance to know who Jesus is.... a chance to blossom into the beautiful children that our God designed them to be..... Go to Reece's Rainbow and see all the waiting children with Down syndrome from around the world....Sponsor them with as little as 1.00. By giving this unselfish gift, it will help their forever family commit to them and help with the extremely high international adoption expense!!!! PLEASE let these angels have a chance like my Giovanna. She too could have ended up just like the children this DR spoke about in his country!! I think it would have blown his mind if I would have told him that I also had 2 other daughters with Down Syndrome and best of all ONE of them is from INDIA! Do you think his puzzled look would have changed???

ITS NOT TOO EARLY TO THINK ABOUT YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST, your teacher gifts, the gifts for friends and family who are hard to buy for......when you visit Reeces Rainbow please click on the angel tree link....this will take you to our page that has all the children around the world, whose forever families HAVE NOT FOUND them yet, YES that means they ARE available for adoption, they need sponsors! By donating a TAX deductable gift of any amount you can help change the world of these orphans. If you make a donation of at least 35. you will get a ornament with the child's picture and a gift card. This will be mailed to the person you choose. What better gift this season to give someone than the gift if LIFE! Wont you join us and help bring these children home!!!

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5 nice people had this to say:

Dolores said...

I have had a doctor talk to me about my adopted son with Down syndrome this way, too. He said, "I have been in his country. [different than the one you named] And if he would have been born there, he would have been a river baby."

Rita, thank you for advocating for our Heavenly Father's children. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God."

June Berger said...

Doesn't it just irk the stuffin out of ya?! I hate it when people think we are crazy for "picking" a child with DS and all the hassle and cost to get them home, what are we, crazy?! That's how some people look at us. But I KNOW that's not how God looks at it. He sees the pure love we have for our children. It's funny, I don't see Jonathan with DS any more, I just see Jonathan. I would have wondered what he was talking about too? ROFL, you should have said "Oh my, really? I knew she was special, I just didn't know what it was!" I never think of those things to say at a time like that either. I'm always so hurt and shocked that everything escapes me. Hope it gave him a LOT to think about! Glad she is ok and that it wasn't anything major. Hope the girls get to dress up today, I look forward to pictures!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I am crying with you here! And I find this VERY interesting because i was just looking at the India qualifications for adoption because with Bobby's age and my weight we can't qualify everywhere. It is so soon after Noah right now but BOY do I want to help get these kids out of countries that just give up on them :( Noah was like that. I mean we still don't know what his diagnosis is but his pedicatrician says that the biggest issue is that he was given up on as hopeless and nobody did anything with him so then he became what they said he would :( breaks my heart. I am so sorry this man was so cruel and upsetting to you. He is the one loosing out by thinkin as he does. Praying for V! and all the children!

Noah's Mama

MamaPoRuski said...

I am crying tears with you Rita! As one health professional speaking of another, his comments were not appropriate, and I would suggest a loving letter offering to come and do a one hour sensativity training to their clinic on how to treat disabled patients and care for their families...That ought to get their risk managment team to get a clue and be proactive with their staff!

Jenny said...

It's so sad how some people fail to speak before they think.

Just think of it as a testament to the opportunity you and William have given these beautiful girls.

I admire you and will keep you all in my prayers ~