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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The day at the dentist

Yesterday afternoon we took all 4 girls to the dentist. This is not a task i like to do, but something that must be done. William had taken yesterday off so it was a perfect day for the "chore". 6 months ago Lily and Gabby surprisingly did wonderful without even a tear, fuss or hesitation...this time gabby was a new creature!!! She screamed unlike anything I had heard from they were really hurting her..... BUT they weren't! William had to hold her down, which was no fun for Daddy. I was in the private room with Giovanna...and that was such a pleasure!!! N O T !!!! You literally have to lay on top of her just about and restrain her arms... They try their best to get a good cleaning done, but as long as the Dr can get a good exam of their teeth, and they do try to clean them well, but as long as he feels the exam is good and there are no cavities then we have succeeded! There were no cavities for any of the girls but some not so great news!!!!

Lily: When we brought her home, she has a fused front tooth (meaning one of her front teeth is 2 put together) and she is missing some. Her mouth is full of teeth, but you can look at how the teeth are and see that all of them in their correct placements didnt come in. They were able to do an xray of her mouth and noticed that some of her permanent teeth are the same. She is missing 3 of her permanent teeth so far. We are hoping that maybe they are just slow coming in but Im afraid that is not the deal. He said we will just have to wait and see when she is older and I am sure the lovely orthodontist will be glad to see our family coming in yet again...

Giovanna: She has lost 7 baby teeth! That is hard to believe....he said that her adult teeth will be over crowed, so we will have to cross the bridge of ortho with her as well.

Gabby: Her teeth are SO TINY! Smaller than any of the other girls. He couldnt believe that she was 6 yrs old like Giovanna. She has no signs of a loose tooth anywhere...we will continue to watch her mouth and wait for the tooth fairy to visit!

Isabella: Oh my dear Bella...Her mouth is so crazy!! She will indeed be at the orthodontist. She finally got that last baby tooth in about 4 months ago and it has come in behind the others... So when she smiles, it looks like she is still missing it...She didnt like the dentist at all. This was her first time because she has really just finished getting in all her baby teeth within the last 6months.. WE were SHOCKED to hear that her two front bottom teeth are LOOSE! She isnt even 4 yet. He told me to watch them, and not purposely try to pull them. He said she could have fallen (I dont think this is it) or just be an early tooth looser....She could have 2 sets of adult teeth (WE ARE HOPING THIS IS NOT THE CASE). So we wait and see what lye's ahead with her little mouth.

I cant believe that in our future we will once again go from having 2 in braces to having 4 in braces at a time!!!! What a joy!!!

Here is a picture of the girls yesterday. I took this with William's IPhone so you can tell it was a quick

Have a fun filled day!!

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Jenny said...

Don't you just love that dentist office? That's where we've taken Ian for the past year and we LOVE them (MUCH better than his 1st dentist)!!!

MamaPoRuski said...

What a great photo! Looks like the team loves seeing the girls too! So glad your ortho is getting a new vacation home from your visits...LOL! R lost two tooth in pre-school too, (ate the first with popcorn at the movie theater!)

Anonymous said...

YAY. That will be me...Of course, I'll luckily not have to deal with screaming kids...but, nonetheless....

I love you mom! Can't wait to see you Thanksgiving Eve!

Mike said...

Man, Mom why cant they clean my teeth?