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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catch up post!

Sorry it has been awhile...just craziness around here....BUT hey that's ok!

Michael come home again this weekend...Lyndsey did not..

I have been finishing up my orders for Thanksgiving shirts and now am finishing up a birthday outfit order....this is so much fun!!! I also started and almost finished all 4 of my little ones' Christmas outfit to go see Santa in....they turned out so cute. The shirts now have rhinestones on the top of the trees and also a few on the Christmas tree itself...The girls love them!! Lily is modeling one of them(without the rhinestones)....she has on Gabby's pants, so they are too short for Lily...

William took yesterday off, Monday, and He, Michael and I went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrell, after we got all the girls off to school and I finished up Gabby's revised IEP meeting.

Gabby is now mostly in her regular ed class during the day with the exception of 45 min self contained class in the morning (to get her AAA testing done) and then all her therapy classes in the afternoon. She is doing good at school, and we felt she was ready for the regular ed class most of the time. Her teacher and Aide are doing a great job of adding things in the class to help Gabby out....Giovanna is still doing great in her regular inclusion class all day with the exception of therapy as well. She is talking so much now....and becoming even more SASSY! I didnt think that was possible from a overly sassy 6 yr old!

I have enjoyed reading so many blogs lately of families FINALLY bringing home their angels with and without Down Syndrome...It is so exciting to see these families that GOD put together!!! There are though times in the beginnning with adjustments and such but WOW.... how awesome it is to finally give these childrent the chance to a LIFE that they would never have...and to love them FOREVER!!! I am so thrilled to have all of our children...God made each of them just for us....Starting with the twins all the way down....They were ours before they were born!!!! Im still praying for that sweet angel V in India....I know God has her in His hands.....please continue to pray with me!!!!

I hope a week doesnt go by for blogging again...I will post a pic of the girls yesterday! ALL 4 of them went to the dentist....can you say we had loads of fun?? NOT! Giovanna, Gabby and Bella were terrified! Gabby did fantastic last time, but yesteray.....WOW....she was a changed girl! Screaming like I had never heard!!! I will share more about our dentist post when William sends me the pictures.

Have aBlessed day!!!


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Lily looks ADORABLE!!