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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I will type up a longer post later, but did want to let everyone know we are ok.

The girls are all back in school and feeling better...PTL! Bella and Lily went today and had a great day. I ate lunch with my two favorite big kids and that was nice.....

Lyndsey and Michael went to Atlanta together on Monday and spent the night. They had fun shopping and sight seeing together. I know they will miss the time together when Lyndsey leaves. Speaking of leaving, she will go to the hotel for the military on Sunday night and they will take her to the MEPS on Monday. William and I will go to MEPS on Monday once I get the girls all dropped off at school. I cant believe that it is time. She is nervous but also excited for the new journey to begin.

I will update some pictures soon.

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wvamom said...

It is so cool that your kids get along well enough to travel together! So glad to hear all is going okay-though I know it's hard to have Lyndsey going away,too.