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Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday I took Isabella for a cardiologist appointment....

She had a small hole in the heart and a small pin sized hole in one of the blood vessels going to the heart....well praise the Lord....the hole in the heart has closed!!!! the very very small hole in the blood vessel is still there but Dr. Colvin said she is fine. WE will watch it and go back to the Dr. in 4-5 yrs....YES you read that right.....4-5 YEARS! He said she is doing wonderful....

I was so very happy to hear the news because the original plan was to go in through a small incision in her lower hip to correct the that is what he was looking for.....BUT our God is a great God and she is healed! Isabella is growing like a weed....she now weighs 36 pounds and is 36 in tall. She loves to eat, color, talk, play with her baby dolls, play with her sisters in the play kitchen, go to preschool and just hang out at home.....We are so blessed to have her in our lives! THank you Girlie!

Lily went with us to the Dr and she was such a good girl. I rewarded them with ice cream and their favorite McDonald's french fries. William come home early to get G & G off the bus...they were thrilled to have their Daddy to themselves for a few hours!!!!

Michael is home for the weekend and check back tonight to see his big surprise!!!!! Video is coming!

William gave me the dreaded news the other night...he is going away to a school for 2 weeks in none other than FT. JACKSON...He leaves Sun and is hoping to talk to the drill sergeants to see if he can have just a few minutes with Lyndsey while he is on the same post as her....Pray that they will. i think it will be a HUGE uplifting time for her!!

Pray for me while william is gone...I always have such a hard time emotionally while he is gone...My anxiety takes control.....Pray for peace and patience for me PLEASE!

2 nice people had this to say:

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you while William is away. Hope that William gets to see Lyndsey that would be so great. I am sure it would help Mom and Dad feel better just to know she is okay.
Stephanie Cook

June Berger said...

Praying for peace and calm while William is gone. Praying Dad and daughter can enjoy some time together. Praying for health for the children while he is gone.

Praise God Isabella's heart has healed!!