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Friday, January 23, 2009


She is not feeling well right now, she thinks she has the flu or something...she said she feels like her chest and head are about to explode...PLEASE pray for her. She said she is tired at the end of the day and just wants to sleep, but they keep getting in trouble because some of the girls wont be quiet and go to sleep, so EVERYONE gets slammed...and her not feeling well makes it worse! She said she hasnt broke down and cried any but sometimes feels like she should. She said she is having fun with some of the activities and she was excited to say she gets to eat 3 meals a day and can eat as much as they want....she said as much as she eats, you think she would gain weight...but knows that all the work out she gets she isnt. She said the girls in her area are I N S A N E !!!! Her exact words.

Pray for our baby girl (well my oldest Baby girl) as this is a HUGE step for her...she wants to master this and be mentally ready for her future!

More updates later...oh i have her address if any of my blog readers want to send her some ENCOURAGEMENT! Just leave me a comment or email me at

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My name is Sarah said...

We are thinking of you Lyndsey. Stay strong Army Princess. We really admire what you are doing for all of us. Warm HUGS from snowy, freezing Cleveland, Ohio.

June Berger said...

Can you send me Lyndsey's email so I can wish her well? Thanks, June

junebuga @hotmail. com