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Thursday, February 5, 2009

GUESS WHO IS COMING TO TOWN?? None other than the awesome (and cute)
TY Pennington with
ABC's Extreme Home Makeover......

Several of our friends put us in for this awesome honor of being a nomintee and receivng this once in a lifetime new home....Welll the families that were not in the top 5 were called and said Thanks but you are not chosen....We were NOT it looks like we have a shot! They have told us to be ready for the knock on the door at we are praying for that knock!!!!

We also have a friend who is possibly in the running as well, so either way it goes, I hope it is one of us. There is a total of 5 families in the final running and we have heard that 3 of them are in Montgomery and 2 are in the Elmore Co area (my friend and I) So looks like we have a 20% chance!!!!!

Oh this would be a dream come true! The Builder is scheduled, house plans are done, permits taken care of, now all that needs to happen is the big KNOCK, the family to go on a nice vacation and then CONSTRUCTION time! I am eager to go help out wherever the family is (well of course if its not us....) and then yell ....BUSDRIVER....MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!

Please pray for all 5 families being considered and for the mass construction job to take place, for all the folks to come out and help out this wonderful project!

6 nice people had this to say:

Amanda said...

This is so wonderful! I'm so excited for you family (and the other families as well)!


Michelle said...

Rita that is really neat. Congratulations to you guys for making it this far. Big prayers that you hear that knock on your door!

Mike said...

Call me and let me know if u hear a knock!

Meredith said...

That would be so neat! And hey, if they send you to Disney World I'd love to MEET You!!!

Margaret mom to Peter, and waiting for his sister said...

wow, I hope you guys win!!!! How exciting. So when is that knock suppose to come? Keep us posted.

good luck,

ugagirl30 said...

What day will you know?