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Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is a beautiful day in Alabama...but I just cant let the girls go me bad or paranoid, but I just dont want to risk any more sickness than we need....and we have reached the limit...i believe.

I cleaned up one of their Little tykes playhouses and brought it into their room....tried to organize play food, dishes, and toys, but that in itself is never ending with 4 girls right behind me tearing it all up. They are now downstairs having a ball. The windows are open and here I sit. I have not been feeling well this morning....YUCK....I dont want to get sick again...

Michael had his first Army Reserve drill this weekend down in Dothan....HE come home and slept here last night and tonight he will be in a hotel in Dothan. He will drive home Sunday after drill and spend the night and head back to FL on Monday morning. HE is excited about leaving for bootcamp on March 16. I know he will do just fine.

Lyndsey seems to be doing well, just still aggrivated with the girls in her unit for not cooperating. They still have not formed a "team unit" and the drill Sargents and making their lives very hectic...please pray for her!!!

Well let me run for now, I will post pictures later this weekend....

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