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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here's to the love of my life:

1. I love his smile
2. I love love love his eyes!
3. I love the way he makes me feel inside

4. He has a loving personality
5. I love that we have given our oldest kids a good example of marriage together!
6. I love his gentleness

7. I love that he has a steady job

8. I love that he has a compassion for adoption

9, I love that he has a soft spot for Down Syndrome
10. I love the way he helps me out around the house

11. I love the way has has stood by me for over 21 years
12. I love that he means what he says! For better Or worse

13. I love that he lets me do what I enjoy

14. I love that he has been and will always be my life partner!

15. I love watching him play with the 4 little ones

16. I equally love watching him mentor our 2 oldest kids

17. I am proud he is an AMerican Solider!

18. I am happy he has let me have my own scrapbook/sewing room in our home!
19. I am thankful he loves keeping track of the bills and pays them on time

20. I am overly excited that he makes sure ALL our NEEDS and most of our wants are taken care of,

21. I love listening to him talk about something he is interested in
22. I love our cuddle time together!
23.I love he doesnt mind watching chick flicks with me and will even pick one up on his way home to surprise me!

24. I love that he is a CHRISTIAN

and most of all

25. I love that he loves Jesus like I do!!!
I love you Baby!!!

I love that way you make me feel even 20 years later. I cant wait to see what our next 20 is like.

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Michelle said...

Rita - that is such a good picture of you guys. I love your list. I'm going to have to "steal" your idea and do the same on my blog LOL. Happy V' Day!