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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick girls and huge BLESSINGS

Well it has been a week almost since i updated on sorry so much has happened around days just all blend together!

All 4 girls are sick...sick..sick!

Giovanna does in deed have pneumonia and STREP AGAIN! She has a TERRIBLE cough and terribly sore nose!

Gabby has a TERRIBLE cough, ear infection and upper respiratory infection...
Lily has TERRIBLE cough, HIGH fever(106) and upper respiratory infection..
Isabella has ear infection, upper respitory infection TERRIBLE cough, fever...

So you can see we have had everything so far this year! I cant seem to get the fever and cough under control. STREP is driving us nuts!!!! They have FINALLY put Giovanna on a REALLY STRONG antibiotic so we are praying this knocks it out! PLEASE stand with us as we are covering our girls in prayer....they so need to feel better...they are miserable and Im getting that way! Mom needs a break! I know William is home at night, But Im here 24/7 and for a solid week this time x's 4=...its wearing me out!

WE did have a HUGE blessing this week as well. Well the story is this: last Friday I went to go see the home being built by Extreme Home what a beauty! While there, I met this nice gentleman with his 2 small children also there to come see this new home in the making...well we started talking and he made the comment that it was such a big blessing for this family, and sad for all the others who werent chosen,...I laughed and said "Yes we were waiting by the door to hear TY yell" but of course we never got that knock.....but were so happy for this family and for the joy this new home was gonna be to their family and all the people they help each week...what a blessing!!!!!! Long story short, we kept talking he asked about our family, why we were nominated and so on...asked alot of questions and then we just chit chated while we waited for the bus to take us back to our cars....I shared that our story was NOT sad by any means and that it was a total story of hope and what a blessing our family now has...4 little girls gifted to us by our Lord!
the next morning, Saturday, my phone was him....he is the meat market manager at FRESH MARKET He said he had gone back to work that day and shared with the other manager our story and meeting us....he was calling to say that they would like to give us 100+ pounds of ground chuck/beef can you believe that!!!!

What a blessing it was to go pick it up and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their generosity! It will be a huge help to us with the economy the way it is....we feel honored that they thought of us and wanted to bless us with this awesome gift. We have already shared our blessing with a few friends and know this is what we should have done....oh its fun to pass on such a gift of just keeps coming around...we can NEVER outdo our God!

6 nice people had this to say:

June Berger said...

Praise God, what an awesome blessing!

Kristi said...

RITA!!! That is so stinking awesome!!! Suuuuuch a blessing! I am so amazed at people's generosity!! Much love -


Amanda said...

Praise the Lord! What an incredible offer!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

Dolores said...

Oh it's so hard when they're all sick! I know, we've been going through it too. Barely got Lucy home and in the door after 10 days in the hospital and the school was calling to come get Joel, he had a fever. Hadn't even taken my coat off and was off to get him (luckily and older daughter was home to watch the baby).

On the flip side, the blessing of the meat for your family was like mannah from Heaven! You know God is aware of you and placing good people near you.

Keep doing good.

Susan said...

Rita, Our God is so BIG and awesome! He promises to provide and it is through you and your family I have been blessed today! Seeing the blessings that come your way always touches my heart. I know He orders each step and has ordained each as well. The awesome part is that He lets us see as it unfolds right before our eyes. I praise Him for the marvelous blessings He has given you and your family. I admire each of you...for your love, courage, strength, perseverance, faith, etc. May God continue to show His face to each of you each day!!!

Sig said...

A blessing is right. Wow.
Hope everyone is better now.