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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Student of the week and therapy

Giovanna was the Student of the week last week of her class. On Tuesday, Isabella has her therapy at the school G & G attend. One of the fun duties that the student of the week gets to do is pick a friend and carry the "snack bucket" to the snack shack and give them the order for the classes snack for the day. They get to do this all 5 days. Well Giovanna just adores a handful of her classmates and talks about them ALL THE TIME! Here she is with "her Carsen" as she calls him. Carsen is such a sweet boy...he plays so well with her and is thrilled to sit by her at lunch and go with her to the snack shack and to chase her around on the playground...On Tuesday we waited for Giovanna to come do her snack shack duties...Here is a picture of Isabella (on left) and Lily (on right) as we waited.... Giovanna and Carsen brought their class bucket up and Mrs. Siri (Giovanna's Aide) was there to make sure she handed it off to the worker just fine... Well she knew exactly what to do and had fun doing it...It is so much fun watching her in action. She takes pride in her school duties and loves her class. I pray that oue 1st grade year goes this smooth!!

When we were done with watching Giovanna, we headed to Isabella's therapy sessions down the hall. She sees all her therapists on Tuesdays...This works so well for me, as Im not running around daily making sure we get to everyone. Here Bella is dumping out the coins of play money and putting it in the container with her pointy finger grasp. She loves doing this. I cant believe our baby girl is 4 years old! She will not go to kindergarten in the fall because she turns 5 in we wait another year...she loves learning!

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Allison said...

Hi Rita! These pics are so darling! Did you get my email?