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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beach, Miracle League, Lyndsey and Michael!

Sorry for the total MIA!! It has been nuts for 2 weeks. Lyndsey is home, has been here already 2 weeks. She will be home until April 19th. At this time, William will take her back to Ft Jackson with him.He will be there for 2 weeks at a Officer school. What perfect timing. He will be there in case anything comes up...she is not too excited about total relaxation. She has done OK but could have done better. When she returns they will do another bone scan to check her fractures. WE are all praying that they are way on their way to healing...or better yet...HEALED! If they are healed the Army will put her in another class so she can hopefully just complete her last week and get done....we will see what they acutally do!

Mike is at basic training now...we got 3 letters from him this week, and he sounds terrible. He is so homesick, scared to death, and wondering what in the world he has done. I knew this would be more of a challenge for him than Lyndsey emotionally, but man, I pray it gets easier for him. PLEASE email me if you would like to send him a word of encouragment.... HE NEEDS all he can get! My email address is

We went to the beach, Orange Beach/Foley for 4 days this past week. William had a work conference there and it was geared for families.....well lets just say, they put the conference at a location fun so the whole family can come along. It stormed the whole time we were there. Our resort was right on the beach, and we only got to go out for a total of 2 hours. the girls enjoyed it but were very upset they didnt get ANY pool time or beach water time in. With the strong currents in the ocean, and then lightning and tornado warnings, we did not get any water time. They liked walking on the beach and picking up shells, and getting our feet wet...

This was the first time EVER for any of the girls to see the ocean...I will add pictures later.

Today is the girls opening ceremonies for Miracle League T ball. They have played one game and LOVED it! The attached picture was from the day we went to get uniforms and have our first game. As you can see, all the girls didnt get their uniforms that day but they finally came in and will get them today! Be on the watch out for pictures of today's game.... They are bouncing off the walls with excitement!!!

3 nice people had this to say:

Molly C said...

Hey Rita,

I'd love to email him. He's my age ish, so if he wants a pen pal or anything I'd be down. I was dating a guy in the Army when he went through basic training and I wrote him every day. He told me that he couldn't even explain how much that meant, and how nice it was to have some contact from home waiting for him virtually every day. So yeah, I don't know what your email is but I'd be more than happy to email him!


Graham Shenanigans said...

rita, sounds like yall have been busy! i will be happy to write michael an encouragment...send his address to my email...dont forget about The Sacrifice tonight at church at 7...

Allison said...

YAY for Miracle League. Ryan played last year and we had a blast. He even played in the World Series in Birmingham. Ya'll will have so much fun. It's so amazing!! Makes me miss the kids up there and parents. We were so sad that we had to leave Miracle League. But luckily Ryan is able to play in the league on base here since it's not really competitive and it's more just for fun for the kids. Anyway, sorry the beach was such a bust. Bet it was still fun for the girls to get to stay in the hotel and be somewhere different for a little bit (and Mama too LOL).