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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We just got a call from her to say she is catching a bus home on Saturday morning. William is unable to go get her this time because he is in Arkansas and I cant go with 4 little ones alone on a 7 hour would end up being more of a 12-14 hour drive...and that is not what i want to do.

She is scared to death so please keep her in your prayers on Sat as she will be taking a taxi and a greyhound bus for the first time ever in her life.


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Graham Shenanigans said...

we will be praying for her...sorry i missed your call today...wesley is out of town and murphy's law has applied...if it can go wrong, it will. the kitchen sink stopped up and wesley told me how to fix it and it exploded in my face...ugh!! grocery shopping, painting the laundry room, deep cleaning, cleaning carpets...etc ,etc

Joy Portis said...

Oh no! Praying for her!

Anonymous said...

Rita, I can not believe how big and beautiful the kids ALL look! Wow - I smile every time I come on here and see these smiling faces...

Praying for Lindsey's trip home..