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Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are here in Columbia SC and are having a great time seeing Michael. He is sooo happy we are here too! Family Day was kinda boring, not alot to do but great having him with us for the day. Graduation was great. My only son is grown up! I am not on my computer so I cant put pics on here until i get home...I thought I could. Today is Saturday and our original plan was to be leaving...however he told us late last night that we may get to have him all we are waiting on word from him now. He was moving to the other side of his camp for his AIT schooling and after they get him assigned to where he needs to be, the will probably give the soldiers a weekend pass if their families are still here...SO WE WAIT FOR THE CHANCE TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MIKE!

He looks so great...gave me tears thinking back 22 years ago when I was here to see the love of my life graduate from the same Army basic training. He looks so much like his father did!!!!! It gave me goose bumps!

Thanks for following our story...Mikes journey and the exciting adventures of the Andrews Crew...LOL!

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Susan Smith-Alltop said...

Mike posted some pics on FB & I was crying looking at them~ I can just imagine you watching your baby graduate, how bittersweet! He will always be your baby boy. Have a wonderful visit & safe travels home. I'll see you in just a few days! Love you!

Graham Shenanigans said...

Congratulations, Michael. I know he is glad that part of his training is over. The next part should be a breeze. It's a lot more fun, more freedom....I know you are so proud of him!!