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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are packing up to head out in the morning....
HERE we come SC....Michael has Family Day on Thurs and GRADUATES on Fri from Basic Training. He is so excited. I know he cant wait to see everyone! I will have plenty of pics to add once we are home! He will stay in Columbia SC for another 10 weeks for his AIT Training. I believe he will be home in late Aug or early Sept for good. HE will be here in AL for 3 weeks and then he will head back to FL for work.

Thanks for all your prayers and lifting him and Lyndsey up. Lyndsey is still healing and will get to finally see her twin brother. They havent spent any time together since Jan 1st. They did briefly see one another about a month ago at the chapel service but thats it. They both are excited.

Stay tuned. WE are heading out by 8:45 in the morning to drop Sydney off and then here we come Mike!

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Amy L said...

Congratulations to Michael! Have a great trip!:)