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Friday, September 18, 2009

The girls are feeling better now and are finally back in school. Praise the Lord we did NOT end up in the hospital.

Giovanna is struggling with school right now and we are really working hard to find out what the problem is. I know she is a bright girl...she loves to learn..she loves being with friends...she does not like sudden loud noises, unless well she's the one who makes them, and she is really a good judge of character... SO today I spent almost three hours this morning at her school. I was able to watch her transition into her Resource room from the Reg Ed class and watch her interact with her Aide. I did notice some things that need to be corrected and I pray that will help. I did finally have to approach Giovanna to correct a behavior and after that she was good as gold. Please pray for my girl...pray that we will find out what is setting her behaviors off at school and how we can fix them. They are seeing things out of her that we have NEVER seen before with us or anyone else that has watched her. Her private speech therapists are in shock at the things I hold told her they see at school. She too agrees with us that something is going on at school to bring this on....behavior is communication for children with special needs...this is the one part that is HARD! It is HARD to figure it out...BUT by the GRACE OF MY LORD we WILL do it!

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