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Friday, October 16, 2009

girls and playing..

Well Im not doing such a good job following through with the 31 for 21 challenge...Im sorry!

Well here is one of the questions that folks have emailed me:

Do the girls play well with one another since they are all so close in age?

YES. They do play well together. Its so much fun to watch them interact with one another. Bella wants to run the show...she loves taking all their toys away and then running so they dont catch her...well then the "yelling" starts from usually Giovanna and they run in circles to catch her. Once I intervene they all get back to being nice to one another.. Giovanna could easily play on her own or follow me around all day. She is getting to that fun age where she really watches me do things and then will try to do them. She loves sneaking into my bathroom to get into makeup! one day I found her with the mascara thinking it was lipstick and she had black all over her face! I know I should have taken a picture, but the camera was down stairs and all i could think of was to get it off her lips and clothes. The lips were fine, the clothes were not..LOL

Lily likes to think she is the boss in the house and has to be REMINDED often that she is NOT the Momma! I am so thankful that the girls are close in age, as they get older it will really be good for them as well. They will be going through the same things in their youth and young adult years at the same time, so I am praying this will make for a somewhat easy time..OR who am I kidding...I may be hurtin myself LOL!

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