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Sunday, October 4, 2009

LOOK AT all those girls from China!

I just had to share this! Lily, our daughter who just turned 6, had her birthday at the local YMCA play center. WE love this place. As a matter of fact between all 4 girls we have had our last 4 parties there. Anyway, Lily had several of her friends from school at the party. They all had so much fun running and playing in the HUGE indoor play arena (kinda like a HUGE McDonalds playcenter). After the party was finished (our 2 hour limit reserved) it opens up to other members. Looking through the large window was 6 little girls (from India) just waiting to run inside and play. After all of our party friends left, we let our girls stay and play for a little while longer...Well the 6 little girls got to come in and play as well at this point. I just had to sit and laugh the whole time they all were in the play center.. They spoke very good english (the grandmother, dressed in her whole Indian attire was also present) and kept running around saying "Look at all the girls from China!" Oh no the china girls are gonna get us!" i was tickled!!!! EVerytime Giovanna or Gabby would get near them, they would screech ....the china girls are here..the china girls are here!!!!!!

I laughed as all 10 girls ran around chasing one another the whole time talking about the girls from China...

I so wanted to explain Down Syndrome not China to them but it just wouldnt have been the same...

so I guess Im not only blessed with three daughters with Down Syndrome but also three daughters from China....never mind they are from Guatemala, India and Colombia!!! LOL


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