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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man oh man, the second day and i forgot. Well it was a busy day!!! Took Bella to preschool, had some me time having my nails done and a quick tan session, dollar tree to pick up a poster board for tonight's Down Syndrome meeting and then home to get ready to head out to Giovanna's school. We met with the school physiologists thinking he would shine some insight on her different behaviors at school, since we did request a Functional Behavior Assessment, and all we got was things we already not much learned there except, what we requested DID NOT get done. I called my friend Shelley, who is also a former special ed teacher and is now home with her kiddos, and as we are talking, she is digging it up on the AL school's website exactly what I had asked for. So now to do some more research and see what becomes of our meeting next Thursday.

Then after all that, the babysitter come over and we headed out around 5:15. WE went to pick up our Buddy Walk Tshirts (the walk is in Montgomery at the Biscuits stadium on Sat Oct 10) then off to registar for the 5k marathos this William is running in this morning. Finally we headed off to a quiet dinner at Carabas. Oh we both just love that place!! At the point of our quiet dinner coming to a close it was too late for a movie so off to the book store we went. Overall we had a nice Im already to do it again!

We are strongly leaning towards pulling G & G both out and homeschooling. I am getting more excited at the idea and pray that the Lord will continue to give me the "little" signs He has been so we can make a FINAL decision. Im trying to hear the school out in all the suggestions/solutions they offer to this particular situation and I feel that will truly be our answer.

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