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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday was a beautiful day. It was also Pastor Appreciation day. Our new pastor has been with us since Jan. Man time flies. He is a wonderful man of God! We miss our old pastor but know that He sent us Bro Mike to take us on the next stage of our church walk. WE had lunch after the service and finished it all up with a baby shower. What a busy day. We finally got home around 3:00 and all we wanted to do was rest. The girls had a nice down day after we got home.

Three of the girls had school today and Lily is out Mon and Tues of this week. The teachers are all gone to a conference in Pennsacola at PCC. WE had to pick the other three girls up early so we could be at speech by 2. Whew what a day. The speech therapist and I once again have talked about getting Gabby a communication device. I really want to try the new ipod touch and the communication software that goes with it...however, I just dont know how well it works, and if Gabby could do it. It sure would be nice to have a place to try it out or take it out on a "loaner" to see how the whole thing functions. All three of our girls with Down Syndrome could benefit from one of these if they truely work. They all need the device to help with communication. That is one area that they all are "weak" in. Gabby is on about a 24 mo old level with her communication but a higher level cognitive so it is difficult for her to get her point across in school and or home.

Anyone out there have a ipod newer generation they wanna sell for a really reasonable price? this is the application that helps people of all ages with communication. I think it is such a wonderul product that Apple is standing behind. I pray that we can attain three of these!

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