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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bella and I were at therapy was such a gloomy day! WE all wanted to stay in the BED>
Isabella is doing so well...she is talking so much, doing wonderful with her PT and OT and just amazes us all constantly! HEr speech goals and OT goals have to be changed on a almost every few weeks basis because she catches up so rapidly.... PTL!

In the afternoon i had to make my rounds of picking up all the girls and i couldnt get over how much rain we had had that day. OK LOrd we are finished...LOL

Today we were rejoicing as Giovanna come home with ALL SMilES on her daily report. YEAH My sweet girl. Please continue to pray for her.

Today all the girls were in school and i headed to the Nutritionist. They gave me some ideas on how to help watch the sugars and hopefully loose weight. Im not big on eating a ton of problem is i guess just what i please pray for me that the Lord will guide me as i grocery shop and buy only the "good" things for my family to eat.

Giovanna had a terrible day at school today. PLEASE lift her up to the Lord. There are some things going on that we can not figure out at school and she is acting out so much! We are in prayer of what the Lord wants us to do.

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wvamom said...

I'm praying for Giovanna, and for you. It's tough when you don't know what's going on. I had to sit through my 16 year old's class (he has down syndrome) to figure out why he was not passing math. I figured it out! His work program only got him there 40% into class each day. I'm not sure I could have passed that way, and I already had geometry! It also helped the teacher's attitude to see that I was committed to helping our son succeed. We worked it out.

Allison said...

Praying for you all that you are delivered an answer soon. I know this has to be tough. I'll be praying for your new nutritional goals too. Believe me, I definitely know how hard that is. But you look wonderful just the way you are. Love ya'll!!!