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Saturday, November 21, 2009

MY dad

Well Mom just called and said her and my dad are on the way home!!!! He is in alot of pain but the Dr said he is doing very well. He has about 16 weeks ahead of him for healing and then some more probably. He is not wanting to take any pain medicine but mom is going to strongly encourage him to stay on top of it and keep it under control. He will be beyond miserable if he doesnt.

My brother built a wheelchair ramp on the front of the house (they have 8 steps going up to the house) so they can get him inside. He CAN NOT put any weight on his body for 6 weeks. PLEASE pray for him, his pain, his sanity and for Mom as this is going to be a LONG road of healing!

Mom also shared with me two ladies that she has been praying for and with while they were in the hospital. She asked me to spread the word and have as many people praying for each situation as possible..

Susan: she has her only son in the CCU from a massive drug overdose. He is 33 yrs old and when he was brought in he was not breathing. They have had to do 2 brain surgeries on him. He tested positive for every single drug imaginable. He will be taken off of life support on Monday. Susan (his mother) is devestated. Please lift her up in prayer and for her son.

Cindy: This is the second lady mom met. Her husband was brought to the CCU (critial care unit) with a RARE form of pneumonia. They gave him 48 hrs to live and well he has made it 25 days. He is in very bad condition and not expected to live. Lift him up in prayer that the Lord will do His will....She prays that it will be for God to heal him, bring him back to their family but knows if its God's will to take him that she will be able to say "good-bye...i will see you in heaven someday" I couldnt imagine having to go through this with my husband.

Both of these woman are with their families at Shands hospital in Pennsacola Fl.

Thanks for lifting my dad, Susan, Cindy and both of their family members up in prayer.

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