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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree

The picture you see is a large sheet of 175 children with Down Syndrome all across the world just waiting for your donation, so they too will spend the last Christmas alone without a family.
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Well the Reece's Rainbow angel tree is up and running.....and wow can you say awesome!!! So far since Nov 1, 16 children have found their FOREVER FAMILIES and we have alot of children with nice size grants. I encourage all of you to visit the Angel Tree and consider sponsoring a child this year and give the gift of FAMILY this holiday season. For just $35 you will receive a nice porcelain ornament with the Angel Tree logo on one side and the child's photo printed on the other.. they make a GREAT family/friend/teacher/therapy gift and a nice touch to your Christmas tree. I love to look at mine year around and pray for this special child...God has a plan for each one of them and to watch it all unfold is amazing. If you are currently unable to give $35, any amount is great. We take donations from $1 to $1M!! All monies go into the children's grant fund and when a family commits to the child and they are heading to the country to complete the adoption, this money is given to them for the "last leg of the journey" So many families want to adopt, can financially support a child but coming up with the large sum of money is difficult...BUT with your help, the financial burden of the international adoption process can be much lighter...and best of all it will JOIN a family TOGETHER FOREVER!

Last night was the second time since Nov 1st that we have assembled the ornaments. I recruited Shelley and Christy to come help....and wow does the time go by faster and the load alot lighter when you have help. The first shipment was about 75 and this shipment was about 60. Doing it in weekly batches makes life alot easier. This is so exciting and our passion that we all share for the children less fortunate shines through when we are all together.....we can talk about each of our experiences in the adoption journey, the transistion the children have had, the way the bonding has blossomed and share pics of our angels....Thanks Friends....I cherish you!

I look forward to seeing each of your names on the list for ornaments....and remember....what better gift this holiday season than the GIFT OF A FAMILY FOR A CHILD!

May God richly bless each and everyone of you!

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