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Thursday, November 19, 2009

my dad is still in the hospital. He had surgery on Tuesday night for his foot. He now has pins in the ankle and was told he could NOT bare any weight on his body for 6 weeks. His lungs are doing better and the chest tube is out...the tubes in his back are still in place along with the cath. He doesnt like that one bit. My brother went over to the house and built a wheelchair ramp over the stairs so they can get inside. My mom is still at the hospital as well with my Dad.

The head trauma Dr come in this morning and told Mom that my dad was doing great for what he went through just a week ago. He said that once the cath is out, pain is controlled, and his physical therapy was all alligning up that they would talk about going home. Well we dont know when that will happen. We pray for the first of the week but dont know yet.

Thanks for asking...and please continue to pray for him and Mom. We are planning on heading down there next week for Thanksgiving (if all the girls stay well...dont want my Dad catching anything from them so his lungs can heal)

Also, please add Giovanna to yall's prayers...I had to pick her up early this morning from school as she was just totally not herself. Her and Gabby were at the Dr's on Monday and both have nasty ear infections and sinusitus, This morning she was just as chipper as she could be...but by the time she got to school they said she was not herself. By 930 they were calling me to tell me and by 1015 they called again and said she was burning up...when I got there she was being rocked by her Aide and was just totally lathargic. She is currently on antibiotics for her ear infection so Im just gonna wait it out today and watch her to make sure it is nothing more thatn the ear infection....


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