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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today was Isabella's school Thanksgiving lunch. They sang two songs for the parents and then we headed to the fellowship hall for lunch. It was like dinner on the grounds at church, food food and more food. She was so happy that Momma come to eat with her. I can not believe that this is her LAST Thanksgiving lunch as a PRESCHOOLER! Where did the time go?? She started going to her preschool/MDO when she was 18 mths old (because Giovanna went there and she wanted to stay every time I took G) and loves it. I am so thankful that she is at a place where they love her and she loves going!

Today I am thankful for Christian preschools and for the teachers/staff they have working in them. They are able to really instill christian values in the children just like at home!

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