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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ultra cheap dinner for 6....

Well I have finally gotten the hang of this fabulous Publix coupon shopping thing! I am so happy to go to Publix and save by far more than i spend. The trick is to buy their buy one get one free items and double or triple stack the coupons...Just for last week shoppig trip was GREAT! Out of pocket price for me....$ savings with my coupons were $145.00!!! Now thats a deal if i ever saw one.

So tonight we had a ULTRA cheap dinner and a whole other meal put in the freezer for only $3.25! You see that right.....$3.25!!!

They had their box pasta noodles on sale B1G1 free and their Prego pasta sauce B1G1 free. The cost for all 4 items was 5.57( remember though that is the half off price) however I was able to double stack my coupons and spend only 2.50 for all 4 items!! I cooked the ziti pasta and added the yummy parmassean pasta sauce to it....then on top of that they had their bag caesar salad kits for 1.25 add that to our pasta meal and there ya go.....dinner for all 6 of us with left overs and a whole meal in the freezer for next week........

Cant beat that!!!!!