Come along and follow our journey of being what we think is Normal..... just a average family, following God's calling and a life blessed with Down Syndrome

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas blessing

A Christmas BLESSING for our family. A few weeks ago I was contacted via email from a lady in Montgomery. Her husband is a pastor of a church there and she found out about our family, through the grapevine and has been following our blog....HELLO!

She said that the woman's ministry there wants to send us a little "something" for Christmas and would I please send her my mailing address. I did and in the mail the other day came a very nice surprise...a $300. check. We feel so blessed and honored that they would think of us. We have spent that money by giving back. I did buy each of the 4 girls a nice little doll outfit to go with their new dolls they will get on Christmas but we felt we needed to bless someone else too. So I went to Walmart and shopped away. I was able to take some gifts to the WELCOME center in Millbrook to bless another family with. Thank you so very much for considering our family for your Christmas blessing. It not only helped us it helped another family too!

then this morning I get a lovely email from another local person.... here it is:

I just had to say Merry Christmas! You have a lovely family and I'm thankful for people like you and your husband who are willing to take care of these beautiful children! You are special!
Have a blessed Christmas, filled with laughter and love!

My reply to her was that we are the blessed ones. Our girls continue to show me the true meaning of love and acceptance. Our Lord loves us unconditionally....

I guess these two visitors on my blog have found out about our family through the small town network we are in....however you found us...Im so glad that our family can share with you and everyone else reading, the joys of down syndrome and the everyday laughter, saddness and adventure of the Andrews crew.


3 nice people had this to say:

Gaining Grace said...

Merry Christmas Rita.
I am always encouraged to read from seasoned adopters. You lend me so much strength and knowledge. I'm glad you are being shown just a little bit of impact that you've had. You've blessed these beautiful girls,and blessed me.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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