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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wont you help her find her family?

TODAY I HAVE A VERY HEAVY HEART! This little Indian Princess holds such a big part of my heart and she doesnt even know it. I prayed all year for the Lord to PLEASE bring a family for her, our girls pray for her nightly....Why hasnt the Lord sent someone yet?? I told William all I wanted for Christmas was a box with V's picture in it and that would mean....we are the family! Well we need about 22K dollars before that can happen. SO I beg of you all to pray for this sweet little girl in the next 48 hours and then for the coming year. Pray that the Lord will bring a family for her so THIS WILL BE HER LAST CHRISTMAS SITTING IN A INDIAN ORPHANAGE. So when her 8th birthday rolls around again in October, that just maybe her new family will be getting close to traveling to pick her up. If you want more information about this sweet girl please email me at rlba272 At hotmail dot com. I would love to help her "unspoken dreams" of a family come true for her....wont you help me?

V is 7yrs old, has down syndrome and is overall a very healthy little girl. She goes to school, loves to play with the other children in her orphanage, can fed and dress herself, loves to be held and loved on and most importantly shows that she can bond with her new family. she is one of the "favorites" in her orphanage and she has been there since she was approx 2 weeks old. It is her "time" to finally be leaving the orphanage for the last time.......Please help her!

If you would love to make a donation to "her" fund for a family please also contact me. International adoption is so expensive and it is so sad that the money is what stops a family from coming together. When a family can provide that child's every need and sometimes wants but yet doesnt have the money upfront to get the paperwork and child here. This is so disheartning....if you would like to see other children just like V waiting to find their family....visit What a awesome gift to give this holiday season, the gift of a forever family!

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Anonymous said...

It'll happen momma. Don't worry. In God's own timing.....