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Friday, January 1, 2010

This is probably one of the few days that all over the internet on blogs, facebook, myspace etc...that everyone will be saying the same thing....


We started out our 2010 New year with a bang! Isabella is one sick girl. She was up all night with a terrible cough, congestion, and high fever. Finally at 545 I got up jumped in the shower so I would be ready to head out the door to get to Primed when they opened at 7. I left at 620 to be sure we were first in line..I get there the parking lot is EMPTY and I find a note on the door that said they would open at 9AM today because of the holiday. Well why cant they changed their answering machine to mention it??? So home we come, i put her down to rest and out we went again a hour later. WE were number 2 in line. Here is how our time went while there...

She has pneumonia and sounds TERRIBLE! her oxygen was down to 86 when we got to the Dr. They started her on O2 and a breathing treatment right away. We then did a chest xray and come back to finish up the O2. She did great. Oh and they check her come back Normal and the RSV come back Neg.
WE once again seen the Indian Dr at Primed....and for those of you who remember my several visits with him and his comments about the girls will get a kick out of this,.... She was wrapped up in her blanket with her head covered...he walked in and say "hi i remember have the fiesty indian daughter" I giggled and said...YEP YOU REMEMBER US...And he then said and you have umm like 3 or 4 daughters like her...her condition...I once again smiled and said ...oh you mean do i have 3 daughters with Down Syndrome? He always acts like she is contagious. today he kept smiling and are doing so good by her...she is a smart girl. Keep up the great job with your my country you dont see them out and about and it is nice to see your girls learn so much! In my heart I know what he means but inside I just cried....Cry for sweet Varsha...because she is in "his country" and noone sees children with Down Syndrome out and about or even better....ones who talk, walk, and are happy people. I cry for her! Someone please help her!!! If we arent meant to go for her...someone PLEASE do!

WE are home now and Bella is playing with the girls. She still sounds terrible but we will do a different nebulizer med for the next 3 days and she is on antibiotics and cough meds.
Poor girl. I hate her being sick! She is just a miserable girl and what a way to start out the new year....isnt today suppose to show you what your new year ahead will hold......Um if so please can we reverse the time?

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Cammie Heflin said...

Poor Bella boo! I hope she gets better quickly! Too bad that doc couldn't hand the cash over to you to go and get your other daughter Varsha!!!