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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Isabella is still coughing terribly...Im taking her back tomorrow to have another chest xray.
William and I are both starting to feel like the crud has hit us. I do believe we will go tomorrow as well granting we can get a appointment.

Yesterday Mon Jan 4 we were up and had G & G ready for school, the bus didnt show up by 730 (30 min late) we laughed and I said let me check to make sure they do go back today....well they guess we had a practice run...

Tuesday All 3 of the bigger girls went to school. They all had a great day. Bella and i layed around all day until 245 to pick up lily from school...My chest is hurting.

AWESOME NEWS: Giovanna has really been trying so hard on her potty training....I think January will be the month to finally say GOOD BYE TO PULLUPS during the day. She has been dry for the last 2 weeks all day (going every hour half)...Isabella is trained day and night!!!!! Praise the Lord this will be a huge step for us! WE will still wear pull ups at night for both of them for several months but thats better than a whole pack every TWO days!

Isabella will start next Tuesday going to a Early intervention preschool for Tues and Thurs. The program is finally starting after TWO years of talking about it...and its a three day week program. However she is still attending her preschool on M W F and we will not pull her out of they are making a exception. I think she will like it now being with kids 5 days a week. We pray she will do good. if we see negative behaviors she will be pulled out instantly.

Have a great Tuesday...I have homemade chicken dumplings cooking for dinner.

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