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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today Bella started the new Early Intervention "preschool" on Tues and Thurs. i took her in high hopes that this would be a good fit for her and she would enjoy going. She will still continue with her preschool at Glynwood and will move into kindergarten in the fall. Well I took her this morning and it is a total disaster! The class she is in has been in place since Aug when school started and they just today added the Special needs children to the class. Well this teacher has NO control what so ever! I talked to the special needs teacher who is coming along side her and will basically be in charge of our children with sp needs and told her bella would more than likely not be back on Thurs. Im going to call the head office and talk to them...I want them to come and see how out of control this class is and then tell me how this is going to be a good setting to put my daughter in that loves to "WATCH" the other children and "DO WHAT THEY DO!"

We will see.....

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