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Monday, January 11, 2010

Good morning Monday!

All 4 little ones go back to school today and i have a full day! So much to do since I was sick last week everything was pushed back a full week....not good for a busy momma! I also get to fit the GYM in my schedule.....that is a FIRST for me!!!!

Michael will be home for at least a week. His medicines are helping him feel better but after the steroids are out of his system he maybe hitting rock bottom again. Yall have any suggestions for me to care for him....he has mono. Ive never had it so have no clue! Ive just been keeping him drinking out of ONE cup and not hugging on anyone in the house. Anything else??

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Nadia said...

just lots of rest, when I had it I was sleeping and not eating for weeks..and I never loose my appetite LOL.