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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on Bella's new preschool.

after speaking to the director and sharing my hopes and dreams for Bella and also sharing with her what i observed on Tuesday we have come to a decision. They are moving the EI children into a classroom and will pull about 4 or 5 other children into the room for the days they will be in session. She agreed that the complete craziness would NOT be good for our children. So today I happily toook Bella and will pick her up at 11:15. YEAH! She was excited to see the kids and to get to play with new friends...

Lyndsey made it home last night around midnight. She has finally graduated from AIT and will be moving to Ft Riley Kansas in just a few weeks. This will be her first duty station.......William will drive out there with her and then fly home. This will help her with the LONG drive and the nasty drive in the winter, snow ice etc. I know she is so excited to finally after one very long year get somewhere and be settled. She graduated AIT exactly one year from the day her journey started. Funny!

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