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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WELL WELL WELL....its been two weeks!
WE are all alive and well now. The girls are doing great in school, Lyndsey is packing up for her big move to Kansas, her first duty station and well we are just busy!

Lets see, a week ago, lyndsey had a bad reaction to something in the tanning bed and I had to take her to PriMed for IV and meds...she is better.

Giovanna got the stomach bug and was bad throwing up, I knew she was getting dehydrated because she totally was refusing to drink for fear of throwing up...we took her to PriMed and sure nough she was in a bad state. She got IV fluids, med's for her nausa and she did recover after a few days. Praise the Lord!!! She is the one child that when she gets sick, you better watch it...because you will be in the ER or better yet a few days stay in the hospital.

Lily, Bella and Gabby are all doing well. Michael is back in FL and is recovering from Mono. He was a sick guy, weak and just totally not himself. He is hoping to get his application resubmitted for the Montgomery Police Academy and see where that may lead him. He is still in the ARmy Reserve unit in Dothan.

Rita (me) well Im just busy taking care of it all. I have started on my mission of living a healthier life, eating right and loosing my 78 pounds! Im 5 pounds down!!! Yippie for me! I am REALLY trying to get my walk/run up so William and I can run in a 5k. Well he totally can do this since he has run a marathon but I need him by my side as I TRY to do it! Pray for me...Im Fat and slow!....BUt not for long...this year of 2010 is the year of ME! Im gonna be one hot momma come my 41st Birthday!

Well that is my recap...sorry its taken me a while to do it.

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The Mac's House said...

Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.

Can you share what you have found that is helping you to lose the weight? I just started back on the treadmill every day and so far so good but it hasn't been long enough yet to see any weight off.