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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy birthday William

OK OK OK....I Know it has been three weeks since I updated. It has been crazy!!! I have tons of pictures to share and lots to tell you all....but today is a special day....

today is .......


We started the day as usual busy and getting the girls up and out of the house in 45 min for school. They were so excited that today was Daddy's birthday....I cooked him a sausage and cheese omelet and biscuits..yummy~ we added a candle to the top and made him blow it out..

Today I went and met him for lunch and we went to Jason's Deli...yum yum! Tonight we are getting a sitter and going to dinner with April and Wade. I was going to have a party on Saturday but he told me he had to go to Huntsville Fri night for a Saturday hmm..Im not doing a party Sat late afternoon if Im not sure he will be 100% home. So it looks like his party will have to be after his actual birthday.

The girls are doing great...growing like little weeds. Hard to believe that Giovanna and Gabby will both be EIGHT 8 yrs old in a month! wow!!!! Where did the time go? I promise to update within the day or two and show plenty of pictures. All four girls started baseball and are playing on the Miracle League team..AWESOME and Lily is playing soccer with her school. So sports are filling up alot of time around here....they love it!

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suelmayer said...

Happy Birthday, William!!!!!