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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am so sorry once again for being so lazy with my blog....I am hooked on Facebook, where alot of my friends and family are so i have totally abandoned this poor blog. It is so easy from my iphone to do a photo update or status update of what is going on.....and well i havent found that for my blogger...Im gonna look though...

In the meantime, let me share a few quick things happening around here.

We had G&G's IEP for SECOND grade and all went well. We were happy with the outcome and look forward to seeing it all playout in the fall.

Isabella is heading to KINDERGARTEN in the fall.....did you hear me....KINDERGARTEN! My little baby girl is growing up... I cant believe its time for her to go to K5! She will also be going to Coosada with G&G and also riding the special needs bus. She has tried to get on the bus for two years now and will be so thrilled for the day to come where we let her climb up in there all on her own!

Lily is finishing up first grade as well and will be staying at Victory Baptist School for second grade. She loves her school and they have some good discpline there and she oh so needs that! I feel with her.. if we put her in public school all the hard work we have done with her behavior will be taking huge steps backwards. So for now, until she matures more...we will stay at VB.

Lyndsey and Michael are doing good. Lyndsey has been busy with her unit as they are still preparing for a deployment to Iraq in November of this year...IM NOT HAPPY with that. but that is what a soldier does.
Mike is working in Rose Mary and his Army Reserve unit will be gone the whole month of July to their annual training....he isnt happy about that! HOT HOT HOT!

WE are preparing our house for sale. WE would love to move into a newer, larger home and so our house is now on the market. It hit the MLS one week ago today and has showed several times. We had a offer within the first 48 hours but after two days, it feel through....the folks couldnt approval for the amount. We are so praying God's will for our home, and if it is HIS will for us to sell and move then HE and only HE will work it out. so we sit and wait....preparing and packing.

William and I had a great time in CALI. Nice to get away and spend time with one another. Thanks to April and Wade for keeping all 4 girls.

Oh William found and bought his dream car...BMW z3 convertible. Its silver with a black top..very pretty and a oh so good price. A guy in Rose Mary owned it and just didnt drive it much...its a 2002 with only 34k miles on it.

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