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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today I took Giovanna to the Dr's because she woke up with TWO ears full of "YUCK" She is once again the owner of a double ear infection and sinus infection. She acts fine but will tell me every now and then...:"look momma...hurt" and pull back her hair.

She is now on another antibiotic, higher allergy meds, and ear drops....oh the lovely part of spring! NOT!!

William had to go to Nashville today, he has a meeting in the morning. I just dont like him going away for any length of time...I know that sounds weird but I like to know he is HOME!
Sydney is still with us for a few more days. We didnt get to take our pictures last night like we had hoped and william had to leave for his meeting so he didnt take her today...I just keep praying she will "snap out of it" and will be fine....HOWEVER I know this isnt possible and I just dread the day for him to take her and we say our goodbyes. This is going to be so hard for me...please pray for me!!!

This weekend Mike is coming home and if it doesnt rain...he wants to take William SKYDIVING! William asked me to go, but I would need an adult diaper, because I think I would pee all over myself...LOL

Monday we are (at this point) heading to Perdido Beach. He has a annual meeting/conference there each year that the whole family can go to...this year I dont know how much fun its gonna be if we are litterally looking out our window at the beach and dont get to go....This oil spill is getting so bad!!! Lord, please send help!

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