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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I know its been a long time....

I have been so very busy for the last several months.

Back in October I started having alot of pain in my stomach....after several trips to the Urgent care and medicines...I finally asked them to run tests to see if it could possibly be my gall bladder...Well WAA LAA! It was. The Dr. at the base said she didnt see any gall stones but wanted to me to go right then over to the surgeon's office so he could take a look. My mom was here, so off she and I went to the surgeon's office to take a look at my ultrasound. He right away said I had a few hundred "tiny stones" and possibly a few larger ones. I told him that we were moving and I needed him to do it right away or give me medicine to help with the pain and I could do it over Christmas break. He told me he had a appointment open the next how's that for service???

I took it! So on Dec. 1, I had my gall bladder taken out. I was so sore, but recovered nicely! I was ever so happy to eat SALSA again! LOL.

We did FINALLY SELL OUR HOME on Daffodil Ct! It was totally a GOD THING! We were going to take it off the market so we didn't have to deal with it over the holidays and plus I had been so sick and a realtor kept calling.....she said these folks totally wanted to see the house...we agreed and the next day we had a offer...just 500.00 shy of asking price. Can't say that the closing went smoothly, because it was changed THREE times but the end result was all the same...we closed. Two days before Christmas we slept in our new Dream home! We were so HAPPY!

Our new house is exactly what we had wanted!!! Its in the neighborhood that we wanted, it is only 5 yrs old, one owner and 3100sq ft. I will upload pics soon. IF your on my FB, you can see one on there.

Just five days after moving into the new house, we got another surprise....A EXCHANGE STUDENT FROM SOUTH KOREA. This was not something we had really ever explored, but it too was a GOD THING! Her name is Gee Eun, she is 15 yrs old and fits totally into our family. We are all going to be sad when school is out at the end of May, because in June she will be leaving. I know her time with us, has not only changed her, but our family as well. God really does work in awesome ways.

Lyndsey is still in Iraq. For those of you who didnt know she started her ONE YEAR deployment to Iraq in October. She is staying busy with a large client load, college, and friends. She is getting homesick and ready for her R & R in sometime in March or April. We all cant wait for her to come home. It really hit home this week, when a fellow friend, 22 yr old young man from Millbrook, was put to rest. He too joined the Army and was serving in Afghanistan when his unit was attacked. He was killed Jan 18. What a sad day. I so pray we never get that knock at the door, that phone call,have to make those arrangements....PLEASE stand with us in prayer that ALL the soldiers come home to their families!!!! Pray our Lyndsey is safe, she feels Jesus surrounding her and she can be home safe on American soil QUICKLY!

ALl the girls are doing great! They love school, so far this month we have been able to dodge the stomach bug and the flu. December, Giovanna has strep and the flu, so they treated all the girls with far January and February has been good. I pray it stays that way.

In January, Isabella got glasses. She now is wearing them, AND KEEPING them on. She looks adorable in them.

I am so sorry for taking so long to update my blog. Will for sure try to get better

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Katie said...

Hey - glad you are feeling better! Thanks for the blog update!