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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good morning all!!!!

Sorry it's been a few weeks since I wrote. Life is good right now...the girls are doing great in school, spring break is over so the down hill race to the end of the school year is on!

Construction is STILL going on in the back yard...the new garage and storage shed are still going up...they are finishing with the vinyl hopefully today (if it doesnt rain again) and then the garage door...laying the new sod is the last thing they will do. Im ready for this to be done...Monday started the third week. I dont think I would have the patience to ever build a house from start to finish! I guess that's why the Lord blessed us with our new fantastic home....nothing to build!

Gee has her travel dates home...June 4th. Boo hoo we are going to miss having her around! The girls love her! and well so do we!!!

Lyndsey has her R & R travel dates home from Iraq!!!!!!!! She leaves Iraq around April around the 20th and gets home around the 24th and leaves somewhere around the 14-15th. She is trying to cram alot into her time home, but we will enjoy as much as we can get. It will be so nice to have her in OUR home out of harms way!!!! WE are not telling the girls she is coming until she arrives home...they will drive us crazy waiting on the day! This will be a great surprise!

Michael will be in California doing his Army Reserve training, getting ready for a possible deployment! Oh this is going to be hard if he too goes! My Momma heart is going to go CRAZY!

Sorry its short, but I must get to the grocery store before the rain comes in.....

Blessings and happiness for your day!!

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