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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our spring break 2011....spending a day at the zoo

Two peas in a pod! Gabby and Giovanna and of course the groovy girls! If you see one of the girls, the other isnt far behind! They sure do love each other! This is exactly what we prayed for when adopting the girls, that they would always have a best friend-sister by their side, when they grew up....Lyndsey and michael and Lily, would by far pass them up....but they would ALWAYS have a sister going through the same thing as them!!! Thank you Jesus for the miracle of adoption!

Bella loving the train ride...I think this is one of her favorite things to do!

During spring break, I took the girls to the we are! Lily enjoying the train ride.

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Alice said...

What a beautiful, busy bunch you have there. They are all getting so big. They must be alot of fun!