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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Groovy girl books/dolls

I know I have mentioned this before but I must do it again........

Our girls are IN LOVE with these toys! Giovanna will not go anywhere without her "Vanessa" and it is just so sweet. I discovered these little dolls about a year or so ago and they have been the best thing ever! They are soft, almost like a infant soft baby doll, cute and stylish for the older girls and each have a cute "personality" that is fun and appealing to the girls. You can purchase different clothes for them, cars, scooters, animals you name it...They are very cute, but so hard to find!

Giovanna and Gabby are turning NINE in May and I think we are going to have a Groovy Girl party! But I am in need of some more Groovy Girls and different accessories. I thought that giving each girl that comes to the party a Groovy Girl would be a perfect and practical thank you gift....and even better, we can spread the "joy" that these little dolls bring to our girls each and every day. If you come across any of these dolls, books, or any of the accessories please let me know!

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Mama said...

We have a store here that sells used kids stuff. The last time I was there (a couple months ago) they had a few of those dolls. Not sure if you are interested in used ones or not. If so....let me know. I could always buy some of them and send them to you.