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Saturday, March 5, 2011

WEll today we are hosting a get together for the ETC Exchange students at our house. There will be 14 students from our town and about 10 adults....this should be fun!!! Im so bummed out because when we planned this we had planned on grilling out, making smores and doing some games as well all outside on a gorgeous day....and well now...we are all inside!

Thanks to God for blessing us with our new home that does have room, but now Im trying to get board games together for us to play. All the kids are excited about the get together so either way, no matter what we do, Im sure they will all enjoy! In June we will be loosing Gee, she will return home to South Korea....we will so miss her. She has been a joy to get to know and we pray one day that our paths will cross again.

I will post pictures later this weekend of all our students. If you have any ideas of things to do ...send me a comment so I can have some more good ideas...

Have a blessed day.

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