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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well can you say I braved it and took all 4 of the little ones to the DR. Gabby, Giovanna and Bella needed to be seen. They ALL are on antibiotics and cough meds.....Gabby on more albutural for the nebulizer and hopefully we will kick this soon. Im tired of the snotty noses and all the hacking they are doing...LOL

Anyways, i hope that everyone has a blessed night...............

I have a prayer request for everyone that reads my blog.....My online friend from Reeces Rainbow, Meredith and her husband Mike Cornish are adopting a sweet little 4.5 yr old from Ukraine with DS. They jsut got word this morning that they have moved her from the baby house to a mental instituion. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that their paperwork will get translated and an appointment given to them really QUICKLY! Our God is in the miracle business so i know if its HIS will it will be done. Pray for Aleska while she is in Ukraine that she will be safe and loved for....Meredith and Mike will be ever so thankful for all whom lift their family up and their new angel to our Heavenly Father!!!!


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