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Thursday, November 1, 2007


I was so BUSY yesterday. WE had things to do at preschool yesterday then had to take Giovanna to the dentist, then come home dressed them all up in costumes and headed to downtown prattville on main st for trick or treat, then ran to eat and went to our friends neighborhood for trick or treating. We were suppose to make it to our church for the fall festival but my girls were WIPED OUT! So was Mommy and daddy!!!! So my little, french pink poodle, Wonder woman, and 2 unicorns had a busy day saving the world yesterday....LOL I will post a photo later on.

The girls are slowly getting over their sickness, upper respitory infections and the asthma is so yukky!! WE cancelled speech yesterday with MRS. Amy and Giovanna was so mad!!! She kept saying Ms Amy....Ms Amy....I just knew she would not sit still for an hour with the snotty nose and head cold.

I hope everyone had a great trick or treat night at what ever you did!! My girls had fun!!! So neat watching them....Isabella finally got the hang of it and was so overly thrilled when she would walk up to the house and they would drop her in a treat.........Gabby....oh Gabby she would stand at the door and want MORE MORE MORE treats.....everyone thought she made a perfect WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAve a blessed day

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That is so cute! I remember when Wesley walked to up the neighbor's door and tried to go in, instead of trick or treating. He said, "Can I just explore? Do you have an attic?" I was really embarrassed!