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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I totally failed my mission of my everyday posts for Oct

Picture is one my son took at work. He works at Rose Mary Beach, FL as a security person. He loves the ocean.

Hi all! This is going to be a quick update as I am waiting for hubby to come home and we are going on a DATE! Jim Brickman and Lonestar's leadsinger are in town doing a concert and we are going. This will be so much fun but so cold, as it is outdoors!!! BRRR!

Anyway the marriage retreat was wonderful! WE are so blessed to be able to go! WE had a pleasant time together and a much needed time alone with no interruptions. The kids did survive, well i should say our friends did survive with the kids for the 30 hours we were gone. They were all peacfull and asleep when we got home Sat night around 8pm.

Michael come home on Sunday and left on Tuesday morning. This was a nice visit. On Tuesday I took Gabby to Birmingham to the endo DR and they run alll kind of tests! We should get results back by Monday. She is now gaining so much weight. Idont know if it just means she is now feeling safe and secure and eating EVERYTHING in sight or if her Thyroid is off or celiac disease. Pray for good results!

Gotta run I will post more pics soon.


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wvamom said...

Beautiful picture! And good to hear that the marriage conference went well.

I hope all is well with Gaby. Do keep us posted.

I read a book (fiction) recently about us being the "arms of God." (The book was called Sutter's Cross, in case you like to read, or have time to!)

You and your family truly are the arms of God to all your beautiful children.